Aside: How the image inverses reality


    This image is a blunt example for patriarchal ideology at work:

1.It says: “I have tits= women”, ” I have a penis= men”. Wrong. Men have tits just as women do. The correct equation should be “I have a vagina and a clitoris= cis-women”.  The mistaken analogy that’s expressed in the image serve to reinforce the cultural mechanism by which  women’s breasts are objectified while men’s undergo naturalization. It also serves to to erase the reality and plurality of female genitalia, as they exist in and of themselves and not as just complementary to men’s genitalia.Another possible explanation is that this part of the image refers to the fact that the majority of people in prostitution are women and girls, and the majority of clients are men. In this case, saying that women (“because they have tits”) get stuff for free will amount to the erasure of the crimes against humanity performed by men against women in all forms of prostitution, documented prostitution (“pornography”) and White slavery.

2.”I have tits- give me free stuff”. Men are the ones given free stuff in contemporary Western societies. Whenever a men gets a dollar for every 70 cents a woman gets for the same job, men get stuff for free just because they have a penis. Men also get stuff for free because the majority of housework and children rearing services are performed solely by women. In the contemporary, Western capitalist societies, this kind of work doesn’t “count” because it is performed in the domestic sphere and not in the public sphere. However, the public sphere depends on this unpaid and unrecognized work.

3.”I have a penis-blame me for everything”- wrong. Most women and men are insufficiently aware of the damages and problems brought on by male domination. Not the other way around. And we don’t blame you. We demand the right to have at least half of the world re-made in our image.

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