The hands are the most beautiful part of the human body, in my opinion.

First, they form the shape of a reversible bud/flower. Effortlessly, we close our hand to the shape of a bud (which is sometimes erroneously perceived as a fist). We can immediately turn it into a flower again, opening it to the world around us.

Second, in contrast to the paws of four legged animals, in most postures, the inside of our hands does not face the ground, but open itself to the world in one of several directions.

Third, a complete relaxation of our hands reveals the beautiful 1/1 ratio between the length of the fingers and the length of the palm.

When I completely relax my hand, my thumb approaches the index finger, or the fingers in general, from below. My hand then reminds me of how it would look like if I was holding a branch, which is probably the purpose for which it evolved the way it has.



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