About me

I am a sociologist who completed my PhD in gender studies and sociology. I am currently working on the intersection of embodied experiences and gender identity, including explorations of fat identity, women in martial arts and social issues in health and illness. My articles have been published in the Journal of Lesbian Studies, Women’s Studies International Forum, Social Movement Studies, and Social Semiotics. My latest article is in press in Interdisciplinary Humanities.

You can view my published works here:


One thought on “About me

  1. Hello Maya! I just read your paper online that explores assimilationist vs gruesome approaches to Fat Activism! I am currently in the process of writing my Major Research project at York University on this very topic. For many years I was part of a Fat Activist group in Toronto called the Fat Femme Mafia, and my paper will be an autoethnographic approach to exploring the limitations of our practice. I am trying to figure out how to get a hold of your paper, but can’t seem to access it through the York University library. Do you have recommendations of how I could find it it PDF form? Thank you for your work! It is really helping me with my own academic work at this moment!

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